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  • Aditya Vashist

Hola Lovely Readers 🙋

How have you guys been? I hope the Summer Sun isn’t being too harsh on you. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is the best solution, trust me. But you know what is the best way to Beat the Heat? Dress up like a #bossbabe and get work done. The rising temperature shouldn’t stop you from being in trend, right? 😌

Well well well, being too lazy, are we? Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water, lime, and honey, NAH! A cuppa coffee for me, please. An outfit on point and I am ready to step out and take on the world.😎

Presenting to you *drumrolls* @lylawoman. 👼

The brand that offers a clothing line that matches my #bossbabe vibes like none other. Remember when we styled our kurtis with leggings?  Initially, there were chooridaar leggings and then came the ankle length ones. Exit leggings, entered Pallazos. Infact in my previous post for @lylawoman, you saw me styling this kurti with a pallazo. But just like the seasons, the trends keep changing. So how do I style my kurti now? 🤔

Let's do something out-of-the-box! Wear a kurti as a dress and style it with Sneakers.🐰

Yes, you heard that right. Of course, I am not being crazy. Or perhaps I am being crazy but for me, crazy is fun, crazy is unique and crazy makes me stand out from the crowd. You don’t believe me, do you? You have to see the first picture from this look then.😬


Amazed? I am not taking ‘No’ for an answer. The look has been kept as a mix of Contemporary and Chic. The bag adds the former element and the sneakers add to the latter element. 😏



Now I don’t want the sunlight right into my eyes, so yes Sunglasses. I got these from Aldo. I absolutely love the collection they have. The best part is that the shapes that they have to offer are different and edgy.😃


And when we are doing some crazy stuff, then a Blue nail color adds just the right amout of pop to this look. The shade that I am wearing is ‘Royal Boyfriend’ from Claire’s. A unique name for a nail color I must say.😅



And when I have day full of running around, I need a bag that looks stylish and also has ample storage. Backpacks are such a relief for me. They are easy to carry and you can easily keep all your stuff inside. My backpack is from @koovsfashion. That reminds me that you must definitely look forward to my next post that is going to be a ‘Koovs haul.’🤓


Now this kurti from @lylawoman was not essentially designed to be styled like this. If you check out their collection, which I am sure you will (immediately after reading my post), you will see that their ‘New Arrivals’ section is flooded with beautiful designs and prints of dresses. Probably that’s when you’ll completely agree with me that styling this kurti like this wasn’t that crazy.

Because I know that you will think that you will check the website later and that later might just never come. Clicking here will take you to the site.😇


My sneakers are from @tedishparis. You must check out their range because you always need one more pair of shoes.😏


The colors are all fresh and vibrant just like the vibes that we get from you when we know that you’ve been following our posts. Just don’t let the heat get onto you. Stay inside during peak hours and apart from that wear-Dress like a celeb and act like a boss! ✌️

To the #bosslady inside you 👏

Make the most of this Summer season and don’t let anything stop you from revealing your ‘Crazy’ side. What? You don’t have a crazy side?! Are you kidding me! Honestly, you are kidding yourself. Everybody has a crazy side. Just let it out, enjoy the fun ride and sail stylishly through the Summer season.💃

Don’t forget to keep it Glambitious.

Love 💕

Gaurika and Sona 👩‍❤️‍👩


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